Overflowing Gutters Can Lead To Expensive Roof Repairs.

Well, it’s finally Fall in the Chicago area and that means rakes, leaf blowers, and orange garbage bags that look like gigantic pumpkins come out of hibernation. It also means potential blockage of your gutters and downspouts which may lead to roof damage and repair.

Fall Gutter Clean Up Special ZEO Roofing

Fall Gutter Clean Up Special

Water simply has no place to go when your gutters and downspouts are blocked. It backs up and excessive water back up results in overflows which may cause damage to the roof, underlayment, shingles and ice shield. Water leakage may further damage your soffit and fascia and even leak onto windows, doors and even into your basement.

Take advantage of our Fall 10% limited time savings special on cleaning, repairs and replacement of gutters and downspouts today. We can even install new leaf guards to help protect you come next year. Use the code “JEM” to take advantage of your discount when calling.

By the way… did you know that fall is mainly an American term? According to Hotword Dictionary: The third season used to be called “harvest” and referred to the time of year between August and November when farmers harvested their crops for storage over the winter. “…as more people started moving into cities, the word harvest fell out of use. Instead, city dwellers began to use the phrase “fall of the leaf” to refer to… when trees lose their leaves… Over time, the phrase was shortened to fall.

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