Building Permits For New or Re-Roofs in Illinois

Building Permits For New or Re-Roofs in Illinois

Did you know most towns and villages in the Northern Illinois area served by ZEO Roofing require contractors to be both registered with the municipality and to also obtain (pull) a building permit (Image Courtesy of InterNachi) to re-roof or install a new roof on your home? The additional requirement is the contractor must, of course, be a holder of a current State of Illinois Roofing Contractor License.

These requirements are ultimately meant to protect you, the home owner, against being burned by unscrupulous contractors or fly-by-nights. The cost is generally but a small part of the total cost to install a new residential roof. Whereas failing to do so may save you some money, it may ultimately cost you more in return in shoddy workmanship or inferior supplies.

Inspections covered by the fees insure certain requirements following code are followed. This may include items such as installation of ice and water shield, proper roof ventilation, etc.

We advise you to be leery of any roofing contractor wishing to work without following local code. Don’t take the chance! Always adhere to your local regulations. And rest assured, ZEO Roofing is a licensed Illinois Roofing Contractor and adheres to local requirements regarding registration and permits for installing roofs. Call ZEO Roofing today at 224-400-9500 for your free roofing estimate.

Samples of Permit Requirements of references per Illinois towns, villages and counties for new or re-roof installations: