Wind Damage To Asphalt Shingles On The Roof Of Your House

Part One In a Series.

No Apparent Wind Damage to Roof Shingles - Lincolnshire, IL Home

No Apparent Wind Damage to Roof Shingles – Lincolnshire, IL Home

An increase in severe storms in the Illinois and Wisconsin area have and will continue to cause an increase in insurance claims for hail and wind damage to asphalt shingle roofs. Today, and in some follow up articles, we will be talking about wind damage to residential roofs and its causes. Plus we will be showing photos of damage to a roof we recently inspected for wind damage in Lincolnshire, Illinois. In this picture there seems to be no damage.

Asphalt shingles are normally attached to your roof with a sealant and nails. When installing asphalt shingle tabs the sealant, combined with the proper placement and installation of nails, helps shingles to resist the lifting pressure of the swirling wind. In essence, when the sun heats up the sealant the asphalt shingles sink in and adhere to it. (Another reason for repairs and re-roofing work to be done in warmer weather if you can.) Thus long rows of shingles actually adhere to the sealant and bond together to form a continuous plane.

Missing Shingles on Wind Damaged Lincolnshire, IL Home

Missing Shingles on Wind Damaged Lincolnshire, IL Home

Wind causes pressure as it passes around and over your home. Some of this pressure may get under and actually lift the shingle tabs causing damage if not properly installed or older. The severity of the damage is determined by both the wind’s speed as well as the angle of the roof in relation to the wind combined with where the shingles are installed with regard to the direction of the wind.

There can be many indications of damage to your roof’s asphalt shingles due to wind damage. One noticeable indication on the roof on this second picture shows missing asphalt shingles which could be seen from the ground below. What other damage might there be? Missing asphalt shingle tabs was but one of the problem areas we discovered in the inspection.

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