Roof Repair Services In Lake Villa IL 60046

ZEO Roofing provides emergency roof repair services for Lake Villa, IL (60046). Do you have leaking and damaged roofs? We can repair it at prices you can afford. Our services include:

• asphalt shingle roof repairs
• lightening damage to roofs
• wind and storm damage roof repairs
• hail damage roof repair
• flat roofs repairs

We offer re-roofing services as well as installing complete new roofs in Lake Villa, IL.
Live in Lake Villa, IL? Would you like routine roof maintenance and roofing inspections?
We can take care of your needs!!!

Our work is warranted with one of the longest warranties in the roofing business.

If you are interested in roof repair service in Lake Villa, Il (60046), call ZEO Roofing at 224-400-9500 for a free roofing inspection*.

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* Our Free, no obligation roofing inspection is a one time per address offer.

Interesting Info on Lake Villa, IL

Lake Villa Police, Lake Villa, IL

Lake Villa Police, Lake Villa, IL
Photo courtesy of the Lake Villa Police Dept.

The home page of the Lake Villa, IL website states: “Originally settled as a resort town where the affluent and many tourists came to relax, Lake Villa today is a vibrant, diverse community with a growing business community.”

Lake Villa has the finest schools, the two cleanest lakes in the Midwest, hundreds of acres of forest preserve, youth sports programs and an excellent library facility…. We have an active Historical Society preserving the areas heritage who is currently remodeling the original Rescue Building on Lake Street for their new home.” according to Frank M. Loffredo, Mayor of Lake Villa, IL on the official Lake Villa, IL website.

Lehmann Mansion, Lake Villa, IL

Lehmann Mansion, Lake Villa, IL

According to the Lake Villa Website,“The Lake County Board approved an ordinance proposing the formation of a Special Service Area (SSA) to fund the project to bring Lake Michigan water supply…”   Lehmann Mansion, Lake Villa, will be the site of a public hearing.  


E.J. Lehmann was the so-called “Merchant Prince of State Street”. He “…had a profound impact on the history of Lake Villa. By bringing in the railroad and a resort hotel, the area was the “Lake Geneva” of its time”  states Wikipedia. The article continues talking about the depot, first passenger train in 1886 and reconstruction in 1996.

US 2012 Census Facts about  Lake Villa, IL
Estimated Population   8,788
Percent Change since 2010    0.5%
People living in same household  86.8%
Multi-unit housing structures  25.6%
Households  3,003
Persons per Household    2.84