Customer Testimonial On Re-Roof Installation In Lombard IL

ZEO Roofing Testimonial from Lombard, IL

ZEO Roofing Testimonial from Lombard, IL

“I called to have my roof replaced and I had gotten some sample of what I would like within my budget and when he came over with his samples turned out I liked his better than mine and I also wanted to have a sky lite in the bathroom.

“Their prices are very comparable and it turned out there was a sale on the lifetime guarantee shingles and I was asked if I wanted to upgrade since the price wasn’t that much more at all so I did. I was nervous about a mess and taking 2 days for the job, but when I got home from work they were packing up and everything was cleaner than before they came over.

“As it turns out, this is the same company that put in my pergola and gorgeous stone walkway… and my neighbors backyard fence. Good people! … One stop shopping is for me.”

P.A. Lombard, IL

Note: Lombard, IL (60148) is a village in the County of DuPage, Illinois and a suburb located south and a little west of Chicago, IL.

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