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For roof repair service in Gages Lake, IL (60030) or Grayslake, IL (60030),
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If you live in Gages Lake, or Grayslake, IL (60030) and are in need of emergency roof repair services for leaking and damaged roofs, ZEO Roofing can provide those services at prices you can afford. We can provide:

    • storm damage and wind damage roof repairs
    • roof repairs for asphalt shingled roofs
    • repair for lightening damaged roofs
    • roof repairs on flat roofs
    • repair damaged roofs caused by hail

Our competent team of professionals can also install complete new roofs as well as re-roofing services in Gages Lake and Grayslake, IL. Do you live in Gages Lake or Grayslake, IL and in need of routine roof maintenance and roofing inspections?

We can help you!!!

We warranty our work and we have one of the longest warranties in the roofing business.

Interesting Facts About Gages Lake, IL

Gages Lake is actually called a census-designated place (CDP) located in Warren Township, Lake County, Illinois, A CDP is identified by the United States Census Bureau as a concentration of population for statistical purposes. CDPs are areas that are populated and do not have separate municipal governments of their own, but otherwise physically resemble incorporated places.

Most Common Industries in Gages Lake IL

Most Common Industries in Gages Lake IL

The graph to the left shows the most common industries in Gages Lake and how they compare to the Illinois figures. It is plain to see that Gages Lake is well above the Illinois totals for common industries that are present in Gages Lake, IL. One outstanding fact is the remarkable difference shown in the areas of chemical, health care and finance industries. Gages Lake is well above the Illinois totals.


US 2012 Census Facts about Gages Lake, IL

Estimated Gages Lake Population   10,198
Percent Change since 2010    -2.1%
People living in same household   87.3%
Multi-unit housing structures   10.6%
Households in Gages Lake   3,977
Persons per Household    2.70

Interesting Facts About Grayslake, IL

Dime Store in Grayslake, c.1950s

Dime Store in Grayslake, c.1950s
Photographer: Unknown
Source: Grayslake Historical Society

Grayslake, a village in Lake County, is located about 40 miles north of Chicago’s downtown, 15 miles south of the Wisconsin border and 14 miles west of Lake Michigan. The College of Lake County, the University Center of Lake County and the Lake County Fairgrounds all call Grayslake their home.

William F. Gray settled along the then-unnamed Grays Lake in 1840. Two years later he purchased the land that was covered mostly by the lake which later would become known as Gray’s Lake. Gray moved to Waukegan in 1845, where he engaged in import/export activities. Little development occurred until the Wisconsin Central Railroad was built in 1880 and extended from Chicago to Fond du Lac, Wisconsin passing by the east side of Grays Lake. There was a station built there and it was named Grayslake in his honor. The village was incorporated in 1895.

US 2012 Census Facts about Grayslake, IL

Estimated Grayslake Population   21,101
Percent Change since 2010     -.7%
People living in same household  91.5%
Multi-unit housing structures  18.2%
Households in Grayslake   8,202
Persons per Household    2.74

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