Improper Installation Clues On Roof Of Wind Damaged House

Part four in a series

Exposed and Corroded Roof Nails

Exposed and Corroded Roof Nails

This series started by discussing a recently inspected wind damaged Lincolnshire, IL home’s asphalt shingle roof.  In the second article we showed pictures of readily visible damage including creasing, flipping and dislodging or detaching we found while on the roof. Then in the previous article we showed examples of less obvious broken shingle sealant and the extent of the damage which could not be seen either from the ground nor immediately.

Now we will examine other damage most likely due to improper installation techniques, the first being improper nailing.  Proper nailing roof shingle nails results in the top of the nail setting just at the top of, and perpendicular (right angle) to, the roof shingle. Continue reading

Roof Damage Due To Broken Shingle Sealant And High Winds

Part three in a series

In the first two articles in this series we discussed wind damage to a residential asphalt shingle roof we inspected recently in Lincolnshire, IL. The second article showed pictures of various types of readily visible damage we found while on the roof. Such roof damage includes creasing, flipping as well as detaching (or dislodging).

The shingle damage probable starts with damage to the sealant which causes vulnerability for further damage from high winds. Here we will visually illustrate how extensive this damage can be via photos we took while on the roof of the house. These pictures show the broken seals on the asphalt shingles and how loose they are now. Continue reading

Damages Caused To Asphalt Roof Shingles From High Wind

Part two in a series

Creased Asphalt Roof Shingle - Lincolnshire IL

Creased Asphalt Roof Shingle – Lincolnshire IL

In the previous article we discussed being called out to inspect a wind damaged asphalt shingle roof on a Lincolnshire, IL house. We posted two pictures we took from the ground. The first showed the shingles apparently lying flat on the roof while another showed a shingle tab obviously missing from the roof. Of course, we could not determine the extent of damage until we actually got up on the roof and inspected further.

The pictures taken on the roof indicate several types of damage to the roof’s asphalt shingles caused by high winds. Continue reading

Wind Damage To Asphalt Shingles On The Roof Of Your House

Part One In a Series.

No Apparent Wind Damage to Roof Shingles - Lincolnshire, IL Home

No Apparent Wind Damage to Roof Shingles – Lincolnshire, IL Home

An increase in severe storms in the Illinois and Wisconsin area have and will continue to cause an increase in insurance claims for hail and wind damage to asphalt shingle roofs. Today, and in some follow up articles, we will be talking about wind damage to residential roofs and its causes. Plus we will be showing photos of damage to a roof we recently inspected for wind damage in Lincolnshire, Illinois. In this picture there seems to be no damage.

Asphalt shingles are normally attached to your roof with a sealant and nails. When installing asphalt shingle tabs the sealant, combined with the proper placement and installation of nails, helps shingles to resist the lifting pressure of the swirling wind. In essence, when the sun heats up the sealant the asphalt shingles sink in and adhere to it. (Another reason for repairs and re-roofing work to be done in warmer weather if you can.) Thus long rows of shingles actually adhere to the sealant and bond together to form a continuous plane. Continue reading

Hanging Christmas Lights On Your Roof May Invite A Fall

An article on page two of the Chicago Tribune print version by Lisa Black popped out at me earlier this month. It was entitled: “Ladder safety, Step 1: Why not keep your feet on the ground?

Hanging Outdoor Christmas Lights

Be Safe Hanging Christmas Decorations From Ladders

In it Ms. Black tells the story of getting a phone call from her husband. He broke his ankle rather badly falling off the roof and was calling from the driveway while awaiting an ambulance. He was attempting to clean the gutter but never made it. The ladder slid out from underneath him and as the article continued, he hung “…Tarzan-style, from the the gutter until he let go and hit the ground.

While Googling “Dies while hanging Christmas lights” countless results were available which talked both about both falls as well as electrocutions. Max McGee, a star receiver for the Green Bay Packers died at age 75 due to a fall from a roof while cleaning leaves. “In 2011, men accounted for nearly 90 percent of the 888 deaths stemming from an accidental fall from a ladder or building, according to the National Safety Council.”  is quoted from Ms. Black’s article. Continue reading

Re-Roofing And Additional Ventilation Of Wood Dale IL Hotel

Wood Dale IL Hilton Re-Roof 01

Re-Roof and Additional Ventilation Double Tree Hotel by Hilton in Wood Dale, IL

This past Monday, October 28, 2013, ZEO Roofing started a new re-roof job at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, in Wood Dale IL. (Pictured at left with protective tarp to prevent further leaks.) The hotel was experiencing water leaks and damages into the upper floors from the roof. A poor previous installation was discovered during a roof inspection.

There were two notable problems. One was the condition of the asphalt roof shingles causing the leaks. The condition of the shingles was caused by the lack of sufficient ventilation. Poor ventilation resulted in an abnormally high humidity problem. This in turn caused the nails in the wood holding the shingles on the roof to weaken and loosen. Continue reading

Overflowing Gutters Can Lead To Expensive Roof Repairs.

Well, it’s finally Fall in the Chicago area and that means rakes, leaf blowers, and orange garbage bags that look like gigantic pumpkins come out of hibernation. It also means potential blockage of your gutters and downspouts which may lead to roof damage and repair.

Fall Gutter Clean Up Special ZEO Roofing

Fall Gutter Clean Up Special

Water simply has no place to go when your gutters and downspouts are blocked. It backs up and excessive water back up results in overflows which may cause damage to the roof, underlayment, shingles and ice shield. Water leakage may further damage your soffit and fascia and even leak onto windows, doors and even into your basement.

Take advantage of our Fall 10% limited time savings special on cleaning, repairs and replacement of gutters and downspouts today. We can even install new leaf guards to help protect you come next year. Use the code “JEM” to take advantage of your discount when calling.

By the way… did you know that fall is mainly an American term? According to Hotword Dictionary: The third season used to be called “harvest” and referred to the time of year between August and November when farmers harvested their crops for storage over the winter. “…as more people started moving into cities, the word harvest fell out of use. Instead, city dwellers began to use the phrase “fall of the leaf” to refer to… when trees lose their leaves… Over time, the phrase was shortened to fall.

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Customer Testimonial On Re-Roof Installation In Lombard IL

ZEO Roofing Testimonial from Lombard, IL

ZEO Roofing Testimonial from Lombard, IL

“I called to have my roof replaced and I had gotten some sample of what I would like within my budget and when he came over with his samples turned out I liked his better than mine and I also wanted to have a sky lite in the bathroom.

“Their prices are very comparable and it turned out there was a sale on the lifetime guarantee shingles and I was asked if I wanted to upgrade since the price wasn’t that much more at all so I did. I was nervous about a mess and taking 2 days for the job, but when I got home from work they were packing up and everything was cleaner than before they came over.

“As it turns out, this is the same company that put in my pergola and gorgeous stone walkway… and my neighbors backyard fence. Good people! … One stop shopping is for me.”

P.A. Lombard, IL

Note: Lombard, IL (60148) is a village in the County of DuPage, Illinois and a suburb located south and a little west of Chicago, IL.

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Proper Attic Ventilation Is Essential In Illinois Winter Season

A properly vented attic and roof benefits you, the homeowner, in several ways. It helps you save money on your energy bills and also prevents problems which may lead to damage from mold, rotted wood, ice dams, etc. Even asphalt shingles can be damaged or destroyed without proper roof ventilation. These events in turn can lead a homeowner to avoidable, unnecessary repairs and possibly even replacement of your home’s entire roof if damage is excessive.

Roof Exhaust Vents

Roof Exhaust Vents

In the Illinois area we experience extreme temperature variations from season to season. The winter season is approaching in this area. In the winter months proper attic and roof ventilation helps reduce the heat in your attic, thus keeping keep your roofs colder. Proper ventilation also helps remove moisture and condensation. These are good things in the Illinois region since they help avoid infiltration of driving rain as well as ice dam build ups in the winter. These ice dams can develop when melting snow refreezes again at night or even during the course of the day when temperatures drop below freezing. Continue reading

Roof Valleys On Your Home Are Often Potential Sources Of Leaks

Residential Roof Valleys Are A Common Source of Roof Leaks

Residential Roof Valleys Are A Common Source of Roof Leaks

A roof valley (as picture to the left) on your residence is defined as an area where two adjoining sloped roofing surfaces meet together and form a “V” shaped depression on your roof. There are varying degrees of slope depending on how steep the roof is installed on your home. Needless to say, there are several reasons a valley on your house roof is a prime leak area. Therefore it is extremely important to take proper precautions when repair roof leaks or installing new or re-roofs.

More water naturally accumulates in valleys because of run offs during normal rainfalls and especially during heavy storms and deluges. Ice and snow also build up to a greater extent in valley areas during the winter months in the Illinois region. Subsequently there are additional amounts of water which flow down through the valleys as the ice and snow melt as temperatures rise. Continue reading