Re-Roofing And Additional Ventilation Of Wood Dale IL Hotel

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Re-Roof and Additional Ventilation Double Tree Hotel by Hilton in Wood Dale, IL

This past Monday, October 28, 2013, ZEO Roofing started a new re-roof job at the Double Tree Hotel by Hilton, in Wood Dale IL. (Pictured at left with protective tarp to prevent further leaks.) The hotel was experiencing water leaks and damages into the upper floors from the roof. A poor previous installation was discovered during a roof inspection.

There were two notable problems. One was the condition of the asphalt roof shingles causing the leaks. The condition of the shingles was caused by the lack of sufficient ventilation. Poor ventilation resulted in an abnormally high humidity problem. This in turn caused the nails in the wood holding the shingles on the roof to weaken and loosen.

The loose asphalt shingles allowed water to seep through in windy conditions during, rain, snow and sleet storms. The accumulation of water over time eventually leaked through to the structure below. Besides the water leaks this also reduced the life of the asphalt shingle roof by up to one half.

The end result from the water seepage and leaks was further damage to the interior of the hotel Thus the owners will also need to started remodeling interior construction, including ceilings, drywall, possible carpeting and furnishings once the repairs are completed.

The area with the most damage are towards the front of the building. Our first step in this large project was to divide off the area we planned to start our work in, covering walls to prevent further damage and erecting scaffolding to ensure the area is safe for guests and staff. The hotel will continue to operate during repairs.

For a project this extensive we will have two groups of professional roofers working hard to solve the problems at the Double Tree Hotel in Wood Dale as they can, weather permitting. Not only is replacing the asphalt shingles a priority for this re-roofing installation, adding additional proper ventilation should help prevent this from occurring again in the future. As always, we are always concerned with meeting the immediate needs of our client.

Keep tuned for our updates. And, if you are in the Wood Dale, IL area, stop by and check out our work!

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