Roof Repair Services In Lindenhurst IL 60046

ZEO Roofing provides emergency roof repair services in Lindenhurst, IL (60048) for damaged and leaking roofs at prices you can afford. Our services include:

  • lightening damage to roofs
  • flat roofs repairs
  • asphalt shingle roof repairs
  • wind and storm damage roof repairs
  • hail damage roof repair

In addition we install complete new roofs as well as re-roofing services in Lindenhurst, IL.

Live in Lindenhurst, Il and interested in routine roof maintenance and roofing inspections?

We can take care of your needs!!!

We are so confident in our service, we warranty our work with one of the longest warranties in the roofing business.

Autumn Sunset On Lake Linden, Lindenhurst, IL


Shirley Keogh’s photo (to the right) of Autumns Sunset On Lake Linden shows the beauty of Lindenhurst, IL.

What I discovered about Lindenhurst, IL from WikipediaThe village of Lindenhurst grew out of the farm of a wealthy landowner in northern Illinois. The Ernst E. Lehmann farm, known as Lindenhurst, was acquired by developer Morton “Mort” Engle, who bought it from Lehmann family friend Edna Siebel. The name Lindenhurst came from the two rows of linden trees outlining the original farmhouse.” 

Homes on Sand Lake Road, Lindenhurst IL

Homes on Sand Lake Road, Lindenhurst IL

The article continued to say: “…the first homes were built behind what is now Linden Plaza. Engle Homes at the time cost $12,000-$15,000, roof extra. ‘The idyllic family homes of Lindenhurst offered the perfect solution for a home-hungry nation,’ states local historian Joseph Brysiewicz.”

Note: Today’s homes in Lindenhurst, IL have a median value of $237,500 per the 2012 US Census. Pictured to the left and above are homes located on Sand Lake Road in Lindenhurst, Il. (Photo courtesy of Dennis D. Pearson) Sand Lake Road was named after Sand Lake which is located near Lindenhurst, IL.

US 2012 Census Facts about Lindenhurst, IL
Estimated Lindenhurst Population 14,475
Percent Change since 2010    .1%
People living in same household   90.9%
Multi-unit housing structures   21.2%
Households in Lindenhurst   4,852
Persons per Household    2.93

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