Roof Repair Services in Mundelein IL 60059, 60060, 60061

Do you live in Mundelein, IL? Is your roof in need of repair? For service in Mundelein, IL (60059, 60060, 60061), call ZEO Roofing at 224-400-9500 for a free roofing inspection*.

Read about our Emergency Repair service.

Zeo roofing provides emergency roof repair services in Mundelein. IL for leaking and damaged roofs at prices you can afford. Our services include:

  • Roof repair for hail damage
  • Storm and wind damaged roof repairs
  • Roofs repairs on flat roofs
  • Repair for roofs that have lightening damage
  • Roof repairs on asphalt shingled roofs

We also install new roofs as well as re-roofing services in Mundelein, IL. We offer routine roof maintenance and roofing inspections.

We take pride in caring for your needs!!!                                                                                               Our warranty is one of the longest warranties in the roofing business.

Interesting Facts on Mundelein, IL

Village Of Mundelein, IL

Village Of Mundelein, IL
Photo courtesy of Mundelein IL official website


Wikipdeia says that: “The community now known as Mundelein  has been inhabited since at least 1650, when the Potawatomi people were known to have been trading with French fur traders. The first European inhabitants reached the area in the early 19th century. Peter Shaddle (for whom a street is named) was the first known settler, building a log cabin in the area now owned by St. Mary of the Lake Seminary in 1835.”



Pine Meadows Golf & Country Club

Pine Meadows Golf & Country Club, Mundelein, IL
Photo courtesy of Pine Meadow Golf & Country Club


Pine Meadow Golf & Country Club in Mundelein, IL boasts of having several profession golf instructors in their club. Two of the instructors have over 45 years experience collectively. These two current instructors are affiliated with the PGA and LPGA. One of the instructors is a contributing author for Golf Digest while the other is recognized internationally as an instructor and trainer of trainers.


US 2012 Census Facts about Mundelein, IL

Estimated Mundelein Population 31,249
Percent Change since 2010   0.6%
People living in same household  89.3%
Multi-unit housing structures  17.3%
Households in Mundelein 10,567
Persons per Household    2.97

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