Some Common Causes Of | Repairs To A Leaking Roof

There is always a right and a wrong way to do things and installing a roof certainly is no exception. Installing a roof incorrectly is just as detrimental as having the leaky roof problem in the first place.

This company did and here are some of the potential causes of roof leaks as shown vividly by the pictures and solutions to the roof leak problem:

  • PVC pipe collars with either replaced or resealed;
  • Nail pops were located and sealed;
  • End plugs were installed where missing and all nails sealed;
  • Ridge caps were installed where missing;
  • Chimney flashing was resealed;
  • Incorrectly installed asphalt shingles were removed and replaced;
  • Ice and water shield was installed;
  • Holes in the mortar around the chimney bricks were repaired;
  • New flashing and new underlayment was installed.

And last but not least, and the most important, is to make sure upon completion of repairs to the roof that there are no leaks.

There can be many causes of leaks in your home’s roof.  Are repairs are too much for you to do yourself?  Are you not sure about getting up on a ladder?  Or if you need a professional roofing contractor to make the necessary repairs, please call ZEO Roofing today at 224-400-9500 for a free home roofing inspection*.

Read more about our Emergency Roof Repair service.

* Our Free, no obligation roofing inspection is a one time per address offer.

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