Avoid Roof Leaks This Fall | Clean Gutters and Downspouts

You should clean your home’s gutters and downspouts and free them of leaves and twigs each fall and spring to get rid of the debris build up. Gutters or downspouts blocked by excessive debris can cause water to back up in a downpour and in some cases even overflow the gutters. When the gutters are blocked, the water simply has no other place to go. Excessive water backing up and overflowing can cause damage to your roof, asphalt shingles, ice shield. Water may even lead to damage of your fascia and even leak into your door frames, windows and basement.

Even the level of your home’s gutters, which should decline towards the downspouts to insure proper drainage, may change over time. This may cause pooling in the gutters or even on the roof which may lead to water finding its way into cavities. Again over time this may lead to roof leaks in to your home or attic space.

The video above (courtesy of Lowe’s) goes into extensive details with regard to tools and supplies you might need to both clean and repair your house gutters and downspouts. The video also gives a step-be-step procedure of what to do to clean your home’s gutters and downspouts.

One excellent suggestion is to wait to clean the gutters and downspouts a few days after a rain fall. This way the debris does get a chance to dry out and it makes your job easier.

At the end the video also reminds us that an ounce prevention may just be work a pound of cure. Installing gutter guards or screens is a way to prevent excessive debris accumulating in your gutters and downspouts.

Remember most gutter work demands you get up on a ladder, so if you are uncomfortable about doing this, call a professional roofing contractor like ZEO Roofing to make sure the job is done right. And ZEO Roofing can also install gutter guards and shields for your home. Call today at 224-400-9500 for a free estimate.

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