Vent Pipes | Vent Caps Frequently Cause Roof Leaks

Vent Pipe Causing Roof Leak in Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Vent Pipe Causing Roof Leak in Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Corroded metal vent pipes and vent pipe caps, as well as improper seals and flashings are often the cause of roof leaks in many northern Illinois homes we visit annually.  Vent pipes on your roof are installed to allow gas to escape from your home.  This gas may come from bathrooms or kitchens.  The gas travels up through the vent pipes and exits above the roof line.

When properly installed and maintained, the vent pipes allow the gas to escape and the caps prevent water dripping into your home’s pipes down the open end of the vent pipes during rains and storms.  Opening and cracks in those pipes’ elbows, joints and/or connections may cause damage to your interior and belongings.

This home’s (located in Round Lake Beach, Illinois) metal vent pipe and vent pipe cap were the cause of a recent water leak through the roof.  The picture above shows the corroded and rusted vent pipe base as well as the lack of proper sealant around the flashing.

Leak Causing Vent Pipe and Vent Cap in Round Lake Beach, Illinois

Leak Causing Vent Pipe and Vent Cap in Round Lake Beach, Illinois

The picture to the right shows an equally corroded and rusty vent pipe cap, almost ready to come completely off.   In addition to repairing the rusty and corroded metal pipe, a tight seal must be made to help keep water from rain or melting snow from seeping either into your attic or living spaces.  The sealant must be properly applied to the cap as well as the flashing.

Examining your home’s vent pipes is one prime suspect location ZEO Roofing inspects in attempting to determine the cause of a roof leak.  Periodic preventative inspections can also help ward off the difficulties resulting from leaks and the water damage to your home’s interior such as ceiling, floors and walls as well as your belongings.

There can be many problems causing leaks in your home’s roof. If repairs are too much for you to do yourself or you are not able to get up on a ladder and your roof, or if you need a professional roofing contractor to make the necessary repairs, please call ZEO Roofing today at 224-400-9500 for a free home roofing inspection*.

Read more about our Emergency Roof Repair service.

* Our Free, no obligation roofing inspection is a one time per address offer.

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