Leaky Roof Pipe Repairs That You Can Do Yourself

David from Do It Yourself Home Roof Repair, who has about 20 years experience in roof repairs, talks about repairs that homeowners might want to do on their own homes.

The most common, and one of the easiest repairs to make, are roof leaks around the rubber seal (boot or gasket) called pipe jackets protecting plastic plumbing pipes. If you have access to the attic you might want to go into the attic during a rainstorm and feel around for wetness. During the day you might want to check on the roof for cracks in the rubber seal around the pipe where it exits the roof. A simple visual check on top of the roof will reveal if the gaskets are in need of repair.

Seven years or so after a roof is installed the seal around the pipes will begin to show signs of deterioration. This will allow water to penetrate the seal and possibly leak water into the attic. A new rubber gasket is usually all that is needed to solve the problem but many roofers replace much more than what is required.

David says that a homeowner who can safely access his roof could easily perform this repair himself. Most houses have anywhere from two to five of these plumbing pipes protruding through the roof. Each allows air to circulate through the drain pipes when water is being used in the house. Make sure you purchase the right size gaskets and of course glue for the gaskets. Glue the gaskets to the pipe making sure the gasket fits snugly and add some caulk.

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