Damaged Chimneys On Roofs Often Cause Water Leaks

ZEO Roofing was recently called out to inspect this roof’s chimney in a home in Spring Grove, IL. Proper construction and maintenance provides waterproofing to make a tight shield which should normally guard your house and contents from water damage from leaks. Over time neglect often leads to the opposite.

Roof Chimney Bricks Spalling and Cracking - Spring Grove, IL

Roof Chimney Bricks Spalling and Cracking – Spring Grove, IL

As discussed prior, in the greater Chicago area we have constant weather changes in our four season climate which complicate the matter. The changing temperatures, freeze then thaw conditions, coupled with dry then wet cycles from rain, snow, ice, hail and sunshine may cause deterioration in several areas of the chimney on your home’s roof.

These pictures show the amount of damage caused by the changing weather over time. The picture to the left shows the brick faces cracking off, or spalling from, the house’s rooftop brick chimney.  The brick faces have also fallen off and are still shown spread around the chimney on the roof of the home. The damaged bricks need to be replaced or repaired as well as tuck pointing fixed with either grout or a cement skim coat, depending on the extent of the damage. Also shown here is an indication of a poor installation since both of the flues lack caps which mean water can enter without a proper shield.

Roof Chimney Flashing Needing Repairs - Spring Grove, IL

Roof Chimney Flashing Needing Repairs – Spring Grove, IL

The picture above shows the roof chimney’s flashing also in desperate need of repair. Notice the extent of the rust as well as the loose edges indicating a lack of caulking.

Cracked Roof Chimney Crown - Spring Grove, IL

Cracked Roof Chimney Crown – Spring Grove, IL

The picture on the right clearly shows a deep crack in the roof chimney’s crown, which is also called its cap.  Some cracks, if not too large, can be repaired with a filler and sealer.  Larger cracked chimney caps must be replaced entirely.

These conditions are typical of many roof chimney inspection we are called to inspect.  Do not let your chimney deteriorate to an extent that it causes leaks inside your residence and damage to insulation, drywall, structure as well as your belongings.

If you suspect your home’s rooftop chimney has been damaged and you need a professional to inspect and possibly make the necessary repairs, call ZEO Roofing at 224-400-9500 for a free roofing inspection*.

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Damaged Chimneys On Roofs Often Cause Water Leaks — 2 Comments

  1. Hi There Zeo Roofing,
    Very interesting, It is loose, and when the wind gets up (as it does often here) it blows about and scrapes the pot, sending the noise right down the lum and it gets really bad sometimes.

    We have mentioned it to her several times and nothing has happened – her property is owned by the council – should I go through them? I didn’t think this was something they would see to.

    I’m also a bit concerned about the damage it might do to my roof if it comes off altogether!

    She hasn’t done anything about it and we have spoken to her about it several times in the past 6 months.


    (I’m in the UK)

    • Well, if the UK is like the United States with regards to community property (i.e. condominiums), I would suggest you first take it to the council (or association as we call them here).

      Best of luck! Since I personally know how difficult that may be.

      ZEO Roofing.

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