Inspect Roof Shingles Regularly For Hail Damage

Bob Schmidt of Home Remodel Workshop was asked by his neighbor to come over and inspect her roof. He actually found hail damage to the roof shingles that the woman didn’t know even existed as he describes in this video.

Upon inspection, Schmidt found “mysterious nicks out on the edge of her (roof) shingles” which were spread out consistently throughout most of her roof. He called in a roofer who inspected the roof and immediately said the shingle damage was caused by hail.

The roofer explained the edges of the roof shingles are most susceptible to damage. The center of the tabs most likely took some hits as well. However, if the edges of the individual roof shingle tabs were “cold or hot, soft or brittle” the hail still will cause some type of damage.

The homeowner contacted her insurance agent who came out and inspected the roof shingles for damages. He said as long as there are 10 nicks within a 10’ x 10’ square area it is considered hail damage and the roof is a total loss and will be replaced.

The home owner could not even recall a hail storm to cause this kind of damage. Both the roofer and the insurance man agreed that the shingle damage “…could have been caused two years ago by a storm that could have lasted as short as 15 minutes.” Further damage can happen to the roof shingles over time. Water, snow wind and even temperature changes caused the little nicks.

Bob suggests getting up and inspecting your roof regularly. If you see something similar, get in contact with your insurance company and see if you need a new roof.

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